Healthy problem and balanced diet writing ielts

Could governments do more to promote healthier lifestyle options? Therefore, there has been a strong connection between healthy life style and the balanced diet. To wine and dine: What sports are popular among young people in your country?

In this modern era, a large number of people are observed to be negligent of their health as they eat unbalanced diet with no control of their bad eating habits, leading to health related issues later on.

To begin with, our society is busier than ever before. To conclude, it is important to combine both having scientific meals and doing regular exercise in order to have a long and healthy life. Primarily, eating badly can be due to a number of factors.

Potential ways to tackle this problem may include the following. Is it easy in your hometown to find places to exercise?

How to Write ‘Causes (Reasons) and Solutions’ Question in IELTS Writing Task 2?

Some people still suffer from various diseases even though their diet is very good. How can children learn to have a healthy lifestyle?

This has a huge influence on our choice of food, especially the young. To follow a recipe: An introduction 2. I think cooking is boring because you need to follow a recipe. What time do you usually eat dinner? I still remember feeling poorly, even I got a headache, a sore throat, chesty cough, and a blocked nose.

However, dieting plays a substantial role in controlling obesity and youngsters are more attracted towards this technique of weight loose. One has to move different body organs while doing exercise which makes body flexible, fresh and rejuvenated all the time.

Popularity of fast food restaurants is also growing day by day, adding fuel to this fire. However, some individuals in our society could not stuck with only this limit because chocolate and candies, for example are the main part of their life, which make them extremely happily. Think about ways to use these structures for topic sentences in other essays.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

· It is possible to have an extremely healthy diet or to consumer junk food on a daily basis. There are several undoubted reasons why many choose the latter option and certain specific ways that such problems could be addressed.

· -Healthy lifestyle like balanced diet and regular exercise should be encouraged. -Companies should allow their employees to have enough time to finish their meals and also set up a gym room in the office.

A balanced diet listening practice test has 9 questions belongs to the Sports & Health subject. In total 9 questions, 2 questions are Plan, map, diagram labelling form, 4 questions are Summary, form completion form, 3 questions are Sentence Completion form.

to sum up, a balanced diet is elemental to maintain health by providing sufficient nutrients, regulating body functions and proper amount of calories to human body.

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however, other factors are as important construct healthy habit as diet. In this essay, IELTS examiners want you to discuss the causes or reasons of the problem in one paragraph and the possible solutions to eradicate that problem in the second paragraph separately and at the end, you can provide suggestion or advice on the problem.

Expand your IELTS Vocabulary – Health. Welcome to the fifth and final part of our blog series on expanding your IELTS vocabulary. In the previous posts, we talked about how to create relevant vocabulary sets on the themes of education, transportation, environment and travel.

Healthy problem and balanced diet writing ielts
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